Sunday, December 28, 2008

rat candy

It has been a month since I last posted anything.  Sorry to those who sit and anxiously wait for me to write another witty something, I have let you down. 

During finals, the good folks at Pro Copies, located inside Baxter Street Bookstore, keep a large selection of candy for us to eat because we're all stressed out and tired and nothing beats that like mini kit kats.  I should also mention that Roy keeps the extra candy in a paper box under the counter (like we don't know it is there).  I should also also mention that we have a mouse problem at BSBS.  That's right, friends, I work in  a place infested with rodents.  But I digress. 

One day, Chelsea announced to me that the mouse(mice?) had infiltrated the candy box.  She had put the box in the refrigerator to prevent further disturbance, but showed me the cardboard crumbs it had left as it chewed through the box lid to swim in chocolate.  She then presented me with a moral (health?) dilemma.  The candy in the box was undisturbed.  No empty wrappers, no chewing, no mouse droppings, nothing.  Other than the lid being obviously chewed through, there were no signs that a mouse had scrambled through all that delicious candy.  Roy was going to throw it away, and refused to put the candy out for people to eat (Roy has this idea that mice are CONSTANTLY urinating and that all the candy was covered in mouse pee).  Chelsea begged him not to throw it away, but to leave it in the fridge, as she would most definitely eat the candy.  

At this point, I asked myself, "Am I going to stoop so low as to eat candy that a mouse had walked all over?  Candy that a mouse had obviously refused?  What should I do?"

And I did what any normal, 23 year old college student would do.

I picked out all the good stuff and kept it in a large jar on my desk.  I was never hungry studying.  Never.

I was really stressed out and tired.