Sunday, June 7, 2009


I have often wondered why Southerners tend to be more creative than people from other parts of the country.  I honestly believe it is because they are so hot for so much of their life.  Maybe the heat makes your brain more imaginative, or maybe it just melts down your inhibitions, allowing creativity to flow as freely as the sweet tea.  Or maybe this whole time I've been mistaking insanity for imagination.  

It is interesting to me how it appears that we in the south don't deal well with weather.  If it rains, we freak out.  If it snows, just stay in your home, leaving will only result in confusion. It seems we are only content when it is 73 degrees and sunny.  

But the heat, the heat is a completely different animal.  From April until October, the south puts on us a great big snuggie and doesn't take it off until Thanksgiving.  You can't sit still without sweating.  People say that life in the south is so slow, we do everything so slow.  Let them live in Georgia in July and see how fast they do things.  This heat makes me want to lie completely still on a giant block of ice.  This heat makes me want to chop off all my hair and throw away anything with sleeves.  And it's not even the hottest it will get yet.  It is only the beginning of June.  Soon, the only refuge we will get is the hours after the earth has finally cooled from the hot afternoon, right before the sun comes up.  Those few hours are the coolest, when most of us should be asleep, before the south has a chance to heat up again.  

When people say "the south will rise again", maybe they just mean the temperature.  


natalie + joshua said...
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natalie + joshua said...

Nicely said Bonnie! I think you are such a wonderful writer.

Leah Hollett said...

You can now officially add this to the list of your best writings. Good work girly!

Shelley Nicole said...

I feel all those same things in a completely opposite way about the insanity of the 9 months of snow and bitter Siberian cold here in the.......well, Utah's Wasatch front, it's its own territory