Wednesday, September 16, 2009

to bang or not to bang?


I'm getting a haircut on Sunday* and I cannot decide what I want to do!!! I've had an on/off relationship with bangs for about two years now and I think I want them back, but I cannot decide. I need your help. Sooo....

No bangs? Or.....


*City Salon is hosting a cut-a-thon on Sunday from 12-5pm. All haircuts are 20$ and all proceeds go to Project Safe. No appointments, just a first come, first served basis. GREAT DEAL.


Leah Hollett said...

DANG! You're so cute both ways. While the bangs are chic and fashion forward, the no bang look seems more versatile and sophisticated. I also think the no bangs makes for a thinner looking face and shows off your great brows. However, the bangs, makes your eyes pop. So base your decision on what you'd rather be... Bangs = chic, fashion forward, eye popping. No bangs = thinner face, sophistication, versatility.

word verification: thuray "thuray up and help m. e my thongue isth sthtuck on this fwozen pole."

Jennifer Schildknecht said...

Hannah says BANGS
There. 2 votes FOR bangs.

Jennifer Schildknecht said...

oh and Molly, she says BANGS.
Three votes from home.

Charlotta-love said...

I'm speaking personally here: NO BANGS

That being said, understand that I'm in the process of growing out the bangs and it's driving me crazy. That may or may not have a slight influence on my vote.

Chris said...

Hey Bonnie this is ac Devlin how's it going? email me some time