Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I hate TV

When my father moved back into my (tiny) duplex, he had the cable turned back on.  Why my father has moved back into my house is a brilliant story in and of itself.  I'll get to that another time.  I had gone without television for a little over a year and I learned to love it.  I even learned to love saying "I don't have cable" when people would ask me if I had seen a new show or commercial.  While I was doing efy, Dad moved back in and turned the cable back on.  I didn't think much of it, that I wouldn't even really watch it.  I got back to my house and didn't really watch anything Sunday, almost as if I had forgotten how to use a television.  Then Monday rolled around.  I turned it on around 10am and I have no idea how long I watched TV.  It was embarrassing.  Me wasting all that time is only one reason I don't like TV.  As I was watching different shows and lots of commercials, I realized that one reason people are so messed up is because they watch television.  Of course given my women's studies background, I noticed that there is a lot on TV directed at women.  It makes me kind of sick.  I can't wait until I go back to work and school so I'm gone all day.  Maybe then I can tear myself away.  Go read a book.  

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Shelley Nicole said...

See...you just have to learn self-control...you get three shows; decide on three during the week that you love and then watch them. That is a healthy amount. Well, plus Ellen if you're home during that time, which I never am. Mostly I'm rambling just so I can be commenting, but no matter how much T.V. you watch, you are the greatest and so funny and I love you.