Wednesday, July 30, 2008

lord, if you won't make me skinny, please make my friends fat

I have worked at the same bookstore for four years.  It is a textbook store, and we also sell Georgia paraphernalia.  When I began working there, I really enjoyed Georgia football and really the whole collegiate spirit whatever.  I also believed that people were good and nice and polite.  

Over time, I have seen many people walk in and out of our doors.  Those people have ruined my desire to associate with UGA and any sport thereof.   Or associate with people.  At all.  I used to think that the rude people I came in contact with in the bookstore only behaved that way in our bookstore.  That something about walking through our doors made them want to talk on their phone loudly, ask questions directed to no one in particular, yelling, cursing, etc etc.  I would often wonder if they always acted like that, that if they went into Blockbuster and asked "well if you don't have it, does hollywood video?  Could you call them and check?"  Then, recently, I decided, these people act like this EVERYWHERE.  They act like an ass wherever they go!  

I could go on and on about the people that I have to work for.  I cannot stand the attitude that so many college students have, the sense of entitlement that comes to them from...who knows where.  Today, I was in the downstairs part of the store all day by myself and we were SO busy.  I was doing buybacks, checking people out, answering the phone, putting out novelties.  I was so hot and tired and angry.  The title of this blog was a quote on some girl's check.  If that gives you any idea of what my day was like.  

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Shelley Nicole said...

Gosh darn those assy people!-makin my Bonnie angry and hot and annoyed...they can have a piece of me! Perhaps it is your lack of assy-ness that magnifies theirs, cuz you are the best :) And I love you!