Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not Mai Thai

I have prided myself for having what I call an iron constitution.  I can pretty much eat whatever I want, whenever I want and not get sick.  Heck, I could probably go on one of those "hey eat this and we'll pay you" shows.  Tonight, however, I met my match: Thai Spoon.  

Today is Chelsea's birthday, so we all went out to dinner. We had planned for weeks to go to Mama's Boy.  We arrived shortly after 6pm only to find that they close at 2:30pm.  Of course.  We then went to Thai Spoon instead.  I LOVE thai food.  I first had it in Provo, Utah with Utah Martin That Could Tolerate Me.  It was so good.  Not only was I having a delicious meal with some good friends, I was back in downtown Athens.  We sat by a window so I could people watch as we ate.  My food was so good and I got to try everyone else's and everything was DELICIOUS.

Cut to 9pm. 

Sickness. recap the past 22 years of my life:

Gumbo?  Yes
Shrimp and grits?  Yes
Jambalaya?  Yes
Big Tim's BBQ?  Yes
Pad Se Ew?  No.  HELL no.  



Shelley Nicole said...

It's MY TIE!!! Uhm, this is hilarious and I love that you have a blog. And I love you!!! And I'm talking to you right now... :)

DAVE said...

Yeah! Big Tim!