Saturday, October 4, 2008

man, I feel like a woman

In my gender and feminism in art history class, we have been discussing the female as spectator and how that is problematic and not theorized etc etc.  We had just watched two soda commercials, one diet coke commercial from the early 90s where an office full of women ogle a construction worker together, and then a more recent diet pepsi commercial where women (and one Carson) follow a guy with a can of diet pepsi.  I had, for an hour, thought about what it means for me, as a woman, to look at men.  

When I left class, I was walking to the bus stop, when a man in some low slung running shorts and ZERO shirt ran by.  That was nice.  THEN, a whole slew of topless men ran by.  I all but stopped and watched them run by with my mouth hanging open.  

I spectated, all right.  With no problem at all.  

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Charlotta-love said...

Bonnie, I found your blog via facebook.

Um, I have no problem watching men run past me. I've heard that God created beauty and that I should enjoy that beauty. Bring on the shirtless men!