Saturday, November 1, 2008

an evening with Matt Crunk, Esquire

I have decided to try an experiment, where I ask on a date each of the single men at my branch.  While I am not particularly interested in pursuing a relationship with any of them, I feel that the social practice of interacting with someone of the male gender would be really good for me so that when I do meet someone I would like to date I don't end up acting like a complete buffoon in their presence.  

My focus is on pre-med and pre-law.  That really is a joke, but it seems that all of the men I have dated have been one of the two.  Plus, if they are pre-something, it probably means that they are really smart, which I like.  I began by asking out one Michael Davis who is a law student here at UGA.  I actually asked him out a long time ago, before this experiment, but we never actually went out.  I decided that he would be the first of the men I went out with, since we had previously decided that we could go on a date.  

Apparently, asking someone on a date in June and never going on an actual date with them makes them angry.  Michael Davis does not return my phone calls, then does not offer an explanation beyond "Hello" when I see him at church, and does not interact with me even when I am at his apartment watching a movie with his roommate.  That knocks one guy off the list.  It's ok, he blends things in his room.

Next up, Matt Crunk.  Matt is a first year law student at UGA.  I met him in September and decided that I did not want to date him after hearing that he is a staunch conservative.  However, after formulating my experiment, I thought he would make a great candidate.

Last Sunday, I planned to ask him out.  Much like I planned to ask him out the Monday before and choked when he said hello.  Sunday, I managed not to even speak to him, even when he was standing next to me.  Idiot.  I got his phone number from my darling friend Josh (also a staunch conservative but great advocate of me speaking to men) and called him that afternoon. I asked if he would like to have dinner with me on Saturday (today).  He said that he could not, but that he would love to go out sometime this week, would I be at family home evening, could we talk then.  Absolutely.

Wait a minute.  

Did I just make an appointment to make a date?

As I was dolling myself up for my fhe appointment with Matt Crunk, he called to tell me that he would not be a fhe, but he was planning out his schedule for the week and would try to work me one night before Friday.  He would schedule everything and call me tomorrow.  

I am now waiting to be penciled into a man's schedule.  

He did call Tuesday to let me know that Thursday would be great, could we meet at the institute at 7pm.  Sure.  

When I realized I had no idea what we would be doing, I called him back on Wednesday to ask if I needed to plan something.  He told me that we could go get dinner quickly, as I would have just gotten off work and was sure to be hungry, but he had allotted only an hour to an hour and a half for dinner, so it had to be somewhere kind of fast.  

This just keeps getting better.

Thursday came and we went to Willie's, which is a burrito place. I told him that I had never eaten a burrito and that he could not watch me eat as it would end up all over me. He laughed and said that is why he picked it, I guess so he could watch as I awkwardly pulled peppers out of my mouth and licked beans off my hand, which is what happened.  

I may have made this sound like something awful and it totally was not.  I had a great time with Mr. Crunk.  He was very easy to talk to and super nice and wonderfully clever.  As we parted ways so he could study property law, he told me he had a great big project to work on for the rest of the semester.  So I said, "uhhh...guess I'll see you in December."  To which he said, 

"Oh, you'll see me before then."

Experiment One: Success.  


Charlotta-love said...

I wanted to go on a date with both Matt and Mike. I ended up with Brice. I think I should stay away from guys with M names.

Julia Gulia said...

Bonnie, can I just say that I always find you to be refreshing. Thanks!