Tuesday, September 30, 2008

breaking news on breakouts

I apologize that I have not really posted anything of substance lately, and this is no exemption.  It is really kind of shallow and/or vain, but it is highly important to me.  

I have had really really bad skin since I was like 13.  Gross acne, mostly all along my chin.  Which means I have been desperately trying for the last ten years to have pretty skin.  


With the help of a cocktail of birth control and proactiv, I think that my skin has finally grown up.  I haven't used proactiv since...July?  I'm still on le pill, but I haven't broken out since then.  I do have some scars which I think will only go away with something like microdermabrasion, but other than that, I finally have healthy looking skin.  

Finally.  At 23.  Better late than never?  

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