Thursday, January 1, 2009

love in your mouth

I had THE MOST amazing breakfast this  I went with a bunch of friends to Atlanta last night to see the Peach Drop (is that a noun or a noun and a verb?  Peach drop?  or peach drop?) and I'm fairly certain that I spent more time on Marta than actually in downtown Atlanta. Anyway, I didn't go to bed until almost 5am and we all woke up at around noon today STARVING.  Being in Atlanta, we had a plethora of options for breakfast type foods at noon.  IHOP, Waffle House or...wait for it....


I had never heard of such a place.  My friends Rachel and Lisa were raving about it, how good the grits were and the biscuits.  I was picturing some hole in the wall type place like Weaver D's, but we got there and it was a pretty nice, cutesy place.  And it is there that I had the most amazing breakfast I have ever eaten.  

I got the egg-stravaganza, which came with eggs, bacon, sausage, a biscuit, GRITS and FRENCH TOAST.  As you can see, my favorite parts of the meal were the grits and French toast.  Now, as some of you may know, I'm kind of a closet grits fanatic.  I first had grits from a bagel place here in Athens and they are delicious, with enough cheese in them that it comes off in a long string with the spoon.  Then, I was introduced to Carolina style grits.  They are kind of whipped, with a consistency similar to mashed potatoes.  Flying Biscuit did have shrimp and grits on the menu, and if you've ever been in my presence when the words "shrimp" and "grits" are used together, you've seen me almost weep with sheer joy at the thought of that delectable dish; however, I went with breakfast, but I was sure to order something involving grits.  These grits were fantastic.  Somewhere between regular grits and Carolina grits, they were warm and thick and perfect.  Mmmm.  And then, I tried the French toast.  OHMYGOSH.  It was whole wheat bread with some raspberry something drizzled over it and some other sauce and it was heavenly.  It tasted almost like a raspberry cream cheese danish, but better.  And less like it came from a gas station.  

So while I was eating with my knee jammed up against Lisa's and my fork gouging into Matt's arm, it was perfect.  I reckon I done rung in the new year right-friends almost in your lap and really really good breakfast at 1pm. 


Anonymous said...

That is totally classic Atlanta! Perfect way to ring in the new year.

janie said...

flying biscuit= yumyumyum
flying biscuit with lis= yumfunyum