Tuesday, September 23, 2008

i go back to black

I have, in the last month, acquired two rather small black things.  One of these no one seems to care that much about, and the other has caused...let's say, quite a stir.  

They both were relatively inexpensive, under $100, one being about $25 more than the other.  One will perhaps greatly influence the way other people view me and the other could do the same, but in a slightly more amusing way.  They both impact my daily life and both make me very happy.  

The first thing I got was a tattoo of the word "timshel" across my left wrist.  It was $60 and more uncomfortable than painful.  I really like how it has turned out and am happy to have a constant reminder that everything in life is a choice and regardless of my circumstances, I still have a choice.  In other words, I have a constant reminder to go out everyday and be a total BAMF.  

The second black object that I acquired is a lil black kitten I adopted.  The adoption was $85, and she will, I'm sure, cost me much more in money, time and patience.  

Like I said, one has been more well received than the other.  While the kitten is a living creature that I have to feed, love and clean up after, AND was more expensive, no one seems to care that I am slowly amassing a menagerie of black animals.  The tattoo, on the other hand (pun intended...'cause you know, its near my hand...) might as well be black plague instead of black ink.  My father said he was disappointed in me (I'm sure he says this out of concern for how future employers will view me...I'm sure schools don't hire art professors with tattoos).  My boss has openly said he thinks all tattoos are trashy.  

I reckon then I'm a trashy cat lady.  

Not a level-headed individual well on her way to earning many, many degrees.  

Johnny Cash and Amy Winehouse will still be my friends.  

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