Wednesday, September 17, 2008

warning: blog about boobs

My boobs have never been that big.  The women in my family tend to have larger breasts, so when I hit puberty and nothing really happened and I turned 18 and nothing really happened and I turned 22 and nothing really happened, I kind of gave up on the idea of being well-endowed.  And I FINALLY became ok with that. My shirts fit over them, dresses too. I often don't wear a bra because, hell, I don't really need to.  My back never hurts because of them.  Its just enough to be feminine, but not too much that I have to purchase special brassieres.  I used to believe that if a woman had large breasts, she was to be really excited about that because a large chest=attractive.  However, in my tender college years, i have learned that is rarely the case.  

I have two friends who have C or bigger boobs.  They hate them.  They both want a reduction.  They so often complain that they are too big, they get in the way, they make their back hurt, they don't fit in the bra they have on and they refuse to buy a size bigger.  My first reaction is usually "aw, my friends are uncomfortable, I'm sorry" and that thought is quickly replaced by "hheeeelllll yeah!  what do American beauty standards know about women?  NOTHING!"

As many of you know, I am a women's studies minor, so this kind of thing is HIGHLY interesting to me.  This example is a reminder to me that those whacked out expectations of women to look a certain way are probably created by men.  And yes, I'm sure there is some Freudian or tribal sort of lust for large breasts because they symbolize fertility and motherhood and whatnot, however, who the hell decided that to be considered attractive, a woman had to have large breasts?  I don't know, but if I find him, I'd like to...I don't know, slap him or something because there are lots of women who do not think they are attractive because they don't have C+ boobs.  And then there are women who think they are unattractive BECAUSE they have large breasts.  While I have (mostly) come to terms with my breast size, there are loads of other women who have not.  I wish there was one less thing women had to critique on their own bodies.  

Next stop...accepting the fact that yes, my hip bones are in fact that wide.  The whole boob thing took almost ten years, the hips may take just as long.  

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natalie + joshua said...

my name is Natalie Findlay and I have small boobs and I love it. I can do the worm pain free and jump on the trampoline with out a bra.