Monday, September 1, 2008

You're going to argue with me over a spatula?

Today is my first day in my new apartment!  I have lived in le duplex for the past four years, so this is quite a nice change, aside from the apartment smell and chintzy wallpaper.  I have found myself making several trips to the store, I keep finding things that I need, which is kind of frustrating.  I have finally gotten to the point where I like my bathroom (THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE THAT I HAVE HAD A BATHROOM ATTACHED TO MY ROOM IT IS WONDERFUL), except the tub is rotting away from the wall, so I'll need to have that fixed.  Parker has kind of dominated the downstairs, which is ok with me, for now.  

Let me speak about Parker for a moment, if I may.  Parker is my older brother and is incredibly intelligent and incredibly maniacal. He has of late bounced around from state to state, with the same job and somehow, I'm still not clear on that story, ended up living back in Athens.  Parker has been known to drink occasionally, to excess.  I have been moving my stuff in over the last few days, and he has usually not been here when I am.  Yesterday I came by and saw his motorcycle outside, but did not see him.  His bedroom door was open, but he was not there.  I found him on the couch.  My coming in must have awoken him, as I soon heard "Dammit!  I'm supposed to be at work in 10 minutes!"  What the hell.  I continued what I was doing when he came upstairs, fully dressed and asked if I could take him to work.  What the hell. 

"You can't drive?"

"Well, you see, sister, I'm still slightly intoxicated from last night."  (it is 11:45am, by the way)

If this is any indication of how the next however-long-we-live-together-here is going to be, I'm going to...probably do something bad.  Or just be really pissed off.  

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Shelley Nicole said...

So you did end up moving eh? I hope that works out as a great decision for you. Sounds like living with Parker might be a chore :P Be a good example bon bon. So, I heard a story this morning that last night some chick got a citation for jay walking drunk across a street in it you?