Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I see trees of green

It is just after noon and I have just finished furiously writing a brief paper for my gender and feminism in art history test.  My room looks out into the "backyard".  I have a set of two old, wooden windows and my desk is just under them.  If I am sitting at my desk and look up, all I see are trees and little bits of sky.  Today is one of the most beautiful days I have experienced, aside from me spilling coke all down the front of my white shirt this morning and not studying for this test until just now.  It is sunny, painfully blue and fa fresco.  As I was typing my paper at my desk, surrounded by papers on Artemisia Gentileschi and Charpentier, I heard a breeze stirring the leaves of the trees and looked up.  All I could see were trees and sky.  Trees, sky, breeze, kitten, art and feminism. 

What a wonderful world.  

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