Tuesday, September 16, 2008

if you were gay, that'd be ok

This semester, I am taking italian 1002.  There are...12 of us in the class and there are two men in the class.  And that is it.  One of the two men I assumed was gay from the beginning (which I know, you should not assume about someone's sexuality just because of the way they talk or dress or sit or whatever) and that was later confirmed via facebook.  The other man...was Andrew.  

I have thought Andrew was so super cute since day one of italian 1002.  And I found out he plays the French horn.  And he has a black cat (like me!)  I talked to him briefly a few times in class.  I decided that I would make my move and ask him to study with me for our upcoming test.  Before doing so, I looked at his facebook page (because I am creepy) to see if he had a girlfriend.  

Andrew had several gay markers, which I will not go into at the moment.  

However, I refused to believe that out of around 15,000 men at the University of Georgia, someone thought it would be funny to put only two in a class of 12 and have both of men prefer the company of men.  I did end up studying with Andrew, and another girl in our class.  I kept trying to think of a way to ask if he was gay, but how do you bring that up?  I did ask about his relationship status on facebook, which says that he is married to some girl (which I took to mean that he was actually married, or that this was one of the gay markers I mentioned).  I asked him and he said "Ohhh no, I'm not married.  And as long as I live in America, I guess I won't be."


Ok ok that should have been a definite answer.  But no, I won't rest until I hear " I AM GAY".  Later, after we had all parted ways, I sent him a text asking what he meant when he said that.  I also followed it with "Cause if you're straight, I'd like to ask you out.  And if you're gay, well, I'd like to ask you to date me, without the sex."  He thought that was pretty funny and confirmed my suspicion, that he is in fact, gay.  I then asked him to spend lots of time with me and tell me that I'm pretty and how does he feel about just cuddling with women.  He's a good sport and thinks I'm funny.  I guess I have a new (gay) boyfriend.  In fact, I just got home from his concert.  He's in the orchestra.  

Two men in a class of 12.  What are the odds.  

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