Saturday, November 29, 2008

I think there are bowls in the party packs

As I have blogged before ( i really hate the verb "blog", btw), I work in a textbook store that so fortunately also sells Georgia CRAP.  Therefore, during football season, given our Georgia CRAP and close proximity to the stadium, we are hella busy.  We also rent out our parking lot so people can tailgate.  There is a 40 year waiting list for the parking spaces.  I am so not kidding.  

Today was the last home game of the season, against Georgia Tech.  We lost, which really isn't important to me.  However, it was a very interesting day, as far as football Saturdays go.  The last home game that I worked, I was sexually harassed, far beyond the usual casual caress of Old Man #3, which I will not go into, but because of that, I almost refused to work today.  As I am hella broke, I thought I would take a chance.  I went to work with dirty hair and a pieced together red and black outfit.  As I mentioned, our parking lot is full of people, eating and drinking, with people coming and going, stopping by on their way to the game.  Let me rephrase that-by "people", I meant to say "upper class white people in large trucks or SUVs".  If you live here or have ever been to Baxter Street, you'll know that one section of the housing project is right across the street from the campus, therefore, we see a lot of different people.  I'm trying to type this without sounding really rude or racist, because it makes me really sad that we have this tradition of driving excessively large vehicles to a small town, eating and drinking to excess, paying God knows how much to watch young men beat the hell out of each other and completely ignoring the poorest of the poor as you walk past their shoddy homes.  That being said, I see a lot of destitute people, but on game days, most of the destitute people I see are Caucasian, dressed in some sort of red and black costume, with a too high credit limit, buying Georgia CRAP instead of better nutrition for their destitute children.  Today was different.  Today was Brian.

Brian walked into the bookstore around 9:45am.  He stood in line to use the restroom and upon exiting the restroom, strolled over to Old Man #3, put his arm around him and said "Go dawgs" (which I said Old Man #3 totally deserved for all the times he has touched us, but I digress).  Brian is a young, black male, wearing simple but nice clothing and carrying some sort of briefcase.  Brian is OBVIOUSLY HIGHLY INTOXICATED.  Brian exits the bookstore and makes his way to one of our regular tailgating families.  We then see him get a beer, a hotdog, and then put his arm around their young daughter.  Uhh..what?  Brian stays with that family for about 30 minutes, and then we think we see him leave.  Charles and I discussed what life would be like if it were just one big tailgate.  Where people didn't see race or class, but just shared their hotdogs and beer with everyone.  Le sigh.  

Then, Brian re-emerges in the parking lot, this time at the tailgate of some d-bags with a super thick credit card (no really, it is thicker than a regular card.  i think he said it is made of titanium.  douchebag).  D-bag comes into the store and asks Eric to make Brian leave.  So Eric talks to him, blah blah and he eventually leaves.  Pretty smart way to get free beer and food.

Charles also made an alarming observation-Georgia Tech fans seemed so much nicer than Georgia fans.  We theorized that it was because their school is not known for their football, but their intelligence (oh that every college were like that...funny, huh?), so this wasn't a huge deal for them.  Georgia fans, however, football is really all they have going for them.  that and their job at their daddy's law firm.  And their sculpted facial hair.  D-bags.  

I thought that I really hated Georgia football culture before today, but today really sealed it.  And I'll tell you why.  A man came in and paid for $10 worth of stuff with a $100 bill, because he wanted the change for later.  I gave him a $50 bill and two 20s and some change.  He emphatically told me that he could not accept the 50.  I assumed he was joking.  I tried again to give him his change.  He again refused, saying, "you can't give that to someone in the South!  Oh no, especially not before a football game.  do you know who is on the 50???  Oh no, I cannot have a $50 bill".


In case you're wondering, U.S. Grant is on the $50 bill.  

You know, the UNION GENERAL who helped the "North" to win the Civil War.  


I was horrified at his refusal, and logic.  I hate this town.  

I know this post has been super negative, but I have just been given multiple examples of poor behavior from the people I'm supposed to identify with.  No, thank you.

Some good did come of today.  I finished reading The Pelican Brief, and I rented and watched it.  So good, but must check closets for assassins before bed.  

Also, Bill Bacon, who I have lusted after since August, put his phone number in my phone today at work.  Does that mean something?  Can I bootycall Bill Bacon?


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Shelley Nicole said...

Mostly, you're just what I call funny....humorous...a character...entertaining...and lots of other things.

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Amanda! From the old days! Just found your blog and had to say that even though your day was crap, that exchange you had with the dude who didn't want the Union general on his money is rather priceless.

Oh, stupid Georgia fans...