Friday, November 21, 2008


I tend to obsess over things in general;  however, there are two things that I cannot seem to stop obsessing over and those two things are lip product and office supplies, specifically lip BALM and pens.  I cannot seem to stop purchasing them.  I haven't bought any sort of lip related item since October, which I am very proud of.  Pens, on the other hand, I have not been able to drop so easily.  I keep finding new kinds that I like!  And since my place of work sells a VARIETY of pens, they are constantly staring me down, pleading with me, "Please, write with us!"  So I do.  

I am composing this because yesterday, something wonderful happened.  Along with trying new pens and lip balms, I also love to use stuff up.  I love emptying a bottle of lotion or wearing down an eraser.  But since I have so many lip balms and pens, it makes me especially happy to get rid of a pen or tube of chapstick.  YESTERDAY, I threw away THREE PENS!  It was amazing.  And they were all dead, not just like I got tired of them, I had used all the ink they had to offer me. Man it was a good day.    

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Shelley Nicole said...

You're crazy and I love it. Also, I have 14 "Liplicious" lip blams from Bath and Body Works...14. None of them are gone yet. BUT, three of them are not opened yet. AND, I need to call you about that plane ticket. Sorry, it's been an odd/rough week. Love you.