Sunday, November 9, 2008

worst week

This will be brief, as I now have to go back to my apartment to write a paper from what I can gleen from my textbook.

Tuesday. The election of a lifetime. I was anxious all day about who would win. I also was disgusted at the ignorance displayed on facebook, and so I posted the blog "decision 2008" on my facebook page. I stayed up until my man won, and then went to sleep.

Wednesday. I decided to skip my baroque class so I could go to the dmv and get a new license. I had mailed the renewal form, but since I moved and forwarded my mail, I never received it. The dmv does not forward mail. I had to go and renew it in person and i expected it to take all day. I was in and out in 15 minutes. Also, they made my take a new picture. Bleh. Sammy thought he had appendicitis today, as well. That made me upset, that my little brother was in pain and might have to have surgery. All during this, my phone was blowing up with people commenting on the facebook note about the election. People were being super rude to me in their comments (ok, some were not, some were very well thought out and not personal). I started to stress out over it, taking it very personally. I went to my gender and feminism class, ready to take notes and noticed that my computer was completely dead, even though it had been plugged in all night and all day. I ended up taking notes in my planner. I ran home between class and work to charge my computer. I went to work, still stressing about Sam and facebook, and then went home to do some work. My computer would not turn on. At all. I almost cried. I took it to peachmac, where I waited for about 20 minutes for a man with the apple logo tattooed on his arm to help me. I almost cried when they told me they would have to keep it for a few days. Like, it took all my energy to not sob at the counter. I got in my car and cried all the way home. I got very little studying done for my 18th century test tomorrow.

Thursday. I went to the slc before Italian to check on some things. I checked my bank account. My rent check had gone through before I expected, which over drafted my account. There were also 4 other transactions that went through after that, which just continued to over draft my account. Cry cry cry. Five $35 fees. There goes my rent money for December. My test was not that bad, but I still should have studied a lot more. I went to work and attempted to study for my italian test which is tomorrow. After work I had to go to the slc (ugh) to do the audio exercises we had to turn in. I really miss my computer.

Friday. Friday was not actually that bad. My test was kind of embarrassing as I did very poorly on it, I think. I realized that I have a baroque paper due on Monday, and I may not have a computer. I did go to Atlanta and spent the night. I went to bed at 4:30am.

Saturday. Not a bad day. Stayed in Atlanta until around 3 and then came home. Went straight to Dad's to celebrate my birthday and then went home, painted my nails and was in bed by 11.

Sunday. Today, also not bad. Church was good. I was released from my fave calling of relief society teacher and immediately called as a member of the activities committee. I went to Mom's right after church to celebrate with her. I didn't get back to Athens until close to 5:30 and I need to write the baroque paper. Its just a comparison essay, so it should not be difficult. I looked at the slide choices and realized that half of my notes are on my computer. Which is not with me. So now, I have to go home, write a paper based on information from the book ( I pray it is there) and then I guess come back at like 7 am and type it. I am so not happy right now.

My birthday is Tuesday. Things better be looking up by then.


Ms. Stephanie said...

Bon! I'm so sorry about your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. Let me know if you need a pick me up. I'm always up for some time with another person over the age of 8. Hope you have a great week!

Shelley Nicole said...

Wow, I think you deserve like 20 kisses. I'll start now...I am really making kissing sounds:
I love you!