Friday, March 20, 2009

color me angry

I know it has been a while since I last posted, I apologize.  I can't help it if I'm totally popular and have been busy every night this week.  Well, really just Wednesday and last night, Monday and Tuesday were spent doing homework and right now I am in bed, as I have been since around 7pm.  So I'm really not popular, just busy.  I did spend last weekend in Atlanta, Wednesday I spent with some old friends and one marginally attractive new friend and last night I had a fun night with my Chelsea and my neighbors.  But let me tell you why I'm angry.

First let say that the last time I posted, I asked for suggestions on my best post.  You know who responded?  ONE person.  And thank you, Leah, for your ever diligent willingness to give me feedback, I cannot tell you how appreciative I am.  And to the rest of you who read it and have been reading this, thanks a lot.  Sarcastically.  

On Tuesday, I awoke to discover that my kitchen sink was not working.  Water was not draining, which I believe was caused by a large amount of greasy food put down the sink.  You can guess who did that.  Anyway, I tried and tried to get it fixed and could not on my own.  I called my landlady on Wednesday and she didn't really say it would be fixed, just thanks for telling her there was a problem.  Dammit.  Thursday between classes, when the sink was still clogged, I had cereal for lunch.  Not knowing when I would eat dinner, I decided to have a second bowl of cereal before my next class.  There were two bottles of milk in the fridge, one was mine, which was good and one was Parker's that was very much expired.  I was not paying attention and I grabbed the first one I saw and poured it over my heaping bowl of cereal.  When I was putting the milk back, I noticed that I got it from the front of the shelf, not the back.  I had poured rancid milk over my cereal.  Not being able to put the waste down the sink like I normally would have done, I walked out my front door and poured the cereal next to the bushes next to the porch railing.  I guess that is kind of trashy, but I didn't think much of it.  As I was leaving for my class, the plumber showed up and when I got home, it was fixed.  

I have been so tired all day.  I went to Italian and then work and FINALLY, I got to come home.  Neighbor Andrew's girlfriend Ashley came up from Savannah for the weekend, and she brought her cute little dog, Marla.  Also in dog news, Matt and Andrew adopted the cutest little puppy and brought him home today.  He is some sort of pit bull mix (we think) and has blue eyes!  Oh so cute.  I didn't play much with them when I got home, but hope to soon.  Anyway, the anger.  

Neighbor Matt sends me a text that says "You have now made two dogs sick with your cheerios.  You might consider doing something about that".  

Expletive.   Expletive.  Expletive.  

My response was, "Maybe you should prevent the dogs from eating them".  Maybe a little immature, but it really pissed me off.  

He said something about having to then micromanage the dogs even more than they already are having to.


#1  YOU JUST BROUGHT HOME A MONTH OLD PUPPY YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO LOOK AFTER IT.  That made me furious.  Sure, I put food outside.  But I think any fool knows that DOGS TRY AND EAT THINGS THEY FIND ON THE GROUND.  Cheerios are probably the LAST thing he should be worried about.   

#2  I wonder if the excitement of being a new environment could, I don't know, make a dog feel ill?

#3  How in the hell are cheerios going to make a dog sick?  THEY EAT OTHER DOGS POOP.  WASTE.  I don't think some oats will make them sick.  

#4  The boys have had that dog a few hours and are already blaming someone else for the behavior of their dog?  

Like I said, I have been super tired all day and consequently have been in a bad mood, all day.  I have not wanted to talk to other people, look at other people.  And I certainly don't want to be blamed for a puppy's upset stomach.  

Grr. Argh.  


jinx protocol said...

Better Cheerios than poop, I'd say. I've seen my beagle devour both, and I prefer the former to the latter. Well, of course I prefer the former to the latter. What I meant was - nevermind. Good post!

Spike said...

#1 - Really? No shit. Perhaps I knew that and have kept him away from those Cheerios.
#2 - I dunno if, maybe, I told you that it was Dylan who got ill? Who has lived in Jamestown the majority of his life and is totally comfortable in my apartment?
#3 - If you are paying attention to your dog, they don't eat poop. And if they do, it's to force themselves to get sick because they feel ill and understand the need to vomit. And beyond that, cheerios that have absorbed milk and are out in the sun for several days will have all sorts of nasty shit in it that should not be consumed by anything. It's not exactly like dairy-infused oats are part of any natural environment.
#4 - We're not blaming anyone for anything. We're simply saying that you put the cheerios in the grass out front rather than in your own space, and that a dog ate them and clearly got sick from them specifically. Beyond that, I have already taken it upon myself to clean them up for you.

Next time you decide to attempt to demonize me on the internet, at least use the truth in your accusations.
#4 -

Anonymous said...

sorry for "dissing" you earlier. cheerios harms more humans than dogs. they are distributed by general mills, a fortune 500 company. i think that's all i need to say for now. fortune 500 companies are even more greedily profit driven than the hotdog stand that attempted to rip us off tonight. but i'm in no condition to explain.

Shelley Nicole said...

My opinion about this blog and the comments thus far is: point proven again-dogs are way too high maintenance. Also, I'd maybe tell you which one of your posts was my favorite if you ever commented on my blog or gave a crap about my life. Love ya!