Monday, March 23, 2009

voltage running through her skin

I had like THE best weekend ever.  

Ajyra's roommate Maddie had her birthday party at Go Bar on Saturday night and....


I am a sucker for any function that is themed, and this one did not disappoint.  The theme was a video, "Electric Feel" by MGMT, which if you have never heard the song, please oh please listen to it NOW.  Along with that, you could incorporate themes from the movie Hook.  So...

I wore a feathered headdress and painted a big strip of blue and pink across my eyes.  I wore a plaid shirt, black pants and silver heels.  And motorcycle gloves.  

I am a badass.

It took about an hour for the party to really get started, but once it did, oh man, it was intense.  I danced like I have never danced before.  The music, the people, everything was just so perfect and fun.  


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