Saturday, March 28, 2009

a dream, a freaky freaky dream

I had a dream last night that was very strange and upsetting.

I often have very odd dreams involving the people around me, some that manifest in real life in similar yet altered ways.  I'm hoping that if anything happens with this one, it is nothing like the dream. 

I dreamt that I was in bed, when a man came in my room (a stranger to me, but in my dream, I knew him well), sat next to my bed, and told me that my neighbor, Matt, had died.  I started crying, I was very upset, and what happened after that is hazy.  However, the next few parts, are very clear.


Parker, my brother, told me that Andrew, Matt's roommate, had also died.  He was with his girlfriend (which is weird, because she is in Athens this weekend) in her car and they were in an accident.  I was upset, crying, thinking if I could keep the puppy he just adopted.  


I walked outside, and there they both were, Matt and Andrew, standing on the porch.  I was elated, until I realized that they were ghosts.  They looked completely normal, just like they do in real life.  I kept asking what was going on, and they assured me that they were dead, but would be sticking around for a while. I kept thinking "boy, that apartment is going to get crowded when new people move in".  Then Andrew asked me to go somewhere with him.

He got in A car (his car in the dream, not his car in real life) and we started driving.  I asked where we were going.  His first response was "Atlanta", which was a little daunting, a dead guy driving through Atlanta?  But we ended up just going to a grocery store, a Harris Teeter, which is funny, you know, 'cause that chain is "dead".  I kept asking if this was all a joke, if he were actually still alive.  He tried showing me that he could put his hand through me, but that didn't work, so he asked me to try and find his pulse, to prove that he didn't have one.  Before I could, we were all of the sudden at some like water park/river/obstacle course.  He made me lead him through it.  I think I was walking along some concrete barrier and snakes kept appearing on it, but slithering out of my way as soon as I got close ( I don't know what the hell that means).  Once we accomplished that, we were at some singles-type party, but there were adults there of all ages, races, etc.  There were quite a few midgets there too, some that were twins.  We went inside the building and all of the sudden, Andrew disappeared.  I soon found his cell phone in my bag, which had somehow taken pictures of text messages on my phone (wtf).  Eventually, I wondered around long enough (without asking anyone "have any of you seen a dead guy?  About 6'4"?)  Then we ended up back in his car and drove back to the apartment.  I asked him something like "What happens now?"  His response?  "I'll be around."


Today is Andrew's birthday. 

I have to stop eating so much sugar. 



jinx protocol said...

when you mentioned Twin Peaks, I thought you'd have little people talking backwards in your dream.

But I wasn't disappointed. It's amazing how much detail you 'member from your dreams.

Leah Hollett said...

hmmm... leading a dead guy through a watery obstacle course... kinda makes me think of church stuff... idk. weird dream. hope you figure it out. let me know how the eating less sugar thing works out. i need to do that too.

Charlotta-love said...

My favorite line: I wondered around long enough (without asking anyone "have any of you seen a dead guy? About 6'4"?)