Thursday, March 12, 2009

take me to the river

I have a 1 1/2 year old black lab puppy.  I use the word "have" loosely.  I acquired her, but she now lives with my mother after a heated custody battle.  However, it is in the best interest of said puppy that she live in a large house with people who can constantly pay attention to her instead of with a college student.  This is my Dagny, just under a year ago: 


I made a deal with my mother that yesterday, I could have Dagny for the day.  I picked her up and we set off.  

First, we took a stroll through the intramural trails.  She seemed to quite enjoy that, but I had to keep her on her leash, which I don't think she appreciated.  

After the trails, we came home and took a nap.  Nothing says leisure like a nap right before lunch. 

We got up, ate lunch, let Neighbor Matt put his glasses on Dagny and exclaim how smart she was, and headed to one of our favorite spots.  The river.  I'm not really sure what river it is, it is on the east side, less than half a mile from where I used to live.  There is a handy walking trail right next to the water and it is quite lovely.  I used to take her there often when she lived with me, and we had a lot of fun there together.  As soon as we get to a certain point, far enough away from the road, I let her off her leash to run and jump in the river as she likes.  There is one spot that I really like, where a tree has fallen out over the water.  I like to go there and sit while she swims.  Near the tree, there is a large rock, in the middle of the river.  A large portion of it is above the water and ever since the first time I saw that rock, I wanted to conquer it.  I knew today would be the day.

In my thin cotton sundress (really not appropriate attire for traipsing through the woods and/or a river),  I first stepped in and sat on the tree.  I then swung my legs over the trunk and cautiously felt the rocks beneath my bare feet.  It took a while to get through the water that way, finding good footing before each step.  I walked over rocks and sand and algae and finally, I made it to my rock.  I immediately lay down on the rock, stretching my whole body out.  It felt so exhilarating.  There I was, just me and my dog, on top of the rushing water, basking in the spring sun.  Granted, there was a bridge visible from where we were basking, and I was worried that my reflective-pale skin would blind the drivers, or that they would think I was a corpse washed upon the rocks.  With a dog.  Anyway, it was a beautiful moment.  It felt so good to just be there, in nature.  I didn't want to leave.  

But I soon realized that I was in the direct sunlight, not wearing all that much and my poor pale skin was probably roasting.  And it was, I have a strange looking sunburn on my chest, arms and legs.  

Exhausted from our play together, Dagny and I drove back to Danielsville.  We parted ways and I was so happy to have spent the day with such a beautiful and loving animal.   

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