Tuesday, February 3, 2009

because you want more

My mentoROY told me that if I want to be a successful blogger, I have to be more consistent in my postings.  People respond well to that, he says.  I now make a commitment to you, blogging community, to write something every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and maybe weekends.  At least for like the next week.  

As it is obviously Tuesday, I have already failed you.  

Today I will be telling you what I ate yesterday.  Since people are interested in what celebrities eat, and I might as well be a celebrity, I will tell you what I ate yesterday.  If you hate it I will never do it again.  Give me FEEDback (get it, because it's about food....)

1 whole wheat bagel with cream cheese
1 small glass of grape juice

1 package of Albacore tuna with mayonnaise and relish
6 crackers
5 strawberries
3 squares of dark chocolate
1 20 oz bottle of diet coke

1 small cup of chocolate pudding

6 swiss on wheat crackers
1 can of diet coke

1 ham and mozzarella quesadilla
1 can of diet coke

water>diet coke I promise


Roy said...

I'll be sure to check every MWF for new content.

natalie + joshua said...

Bonnie as your dental hygienist I am going to have to scold you.

diet coke = acid = cavities = lots of $$$$

But I still love you :) and I am so happy that you are going to be blogging more frequently >>>> yay.

Morgan's Muse said...

Bonnie! I agree with Natalie! Plus, aspartame is REALLY bad for you! You made me crave chocolate pudding, though.

Leah Hollett said...

you are too hilarious!!! i also will scold you about diet coke. it is the devil!!!

love leah

ps. "does it light up" also HILARIOUS!!!

Shelley Nicole said...

diet coke diet coke diet coke diet coke

Charlotta-love said...

I have decided you need to eat more. Goodness.

Today I brought to work:
1 Ziploc sandwich bag full of sliced carrots, bok choy, and green beans
A velveta pepper jack cheese sandwich
A bowl of tomato soup
An apple

I've also already eaten an almond joy from the vending machine, a nutty bar, and a handful of almonds.

I, um, really like to have lots of food.