Monday, February 9, 2009

male monday

That is supposed to be pronounced "mall-ay", as in bad.  Not male.  Monday did not directly involve any males.

What a suck day.  My back has been KILLING me for almost a week now and today was no exception.  I went to Italian, which was fine.  After that, I went to eat my lunch before my ecology lab.  I make myself eat tuna for lunch on Mondays, 'cause you know, it's good for you, but I always feel kind of like a jerk for eating it in a public setting.  I personally have grown not to HATE the smell of tuna like I used to, but I'm sure others do not feel the same way.  Eating tuna on the second floor of the SLC at one of the study tables just feels so mean.  I looked for a seat in the Jittery Joe's section, nothing.  I then looked for a study room, that would trap in the smell.  Nothing, just a bunch of jerks who were in the rooms alone.  So I sat and ate my pungent lunch across from a young man studying.  Le sigh. 

Then, I spent the next two hours at a water treatment plant.  I was in WASTE for TWO HOURS.   Granted, I did spend hour and 53 minutes fantasizing about my ecology TA, but we were still surrounded by crap.  Ick.

-Brief respite from suck day between lab and work when I came home and took a nap-


I got some heat sticky things for my back and large amounts of processed sugar and went to work.  Which wasn't all that bad.  All I could think about though was how bad I wanted to go to Applebee's after work for dinner.

Let me say something here.  I really don't like Applebee's, or places like unto it.  However, due to the joys of advertising, I saw a commercial for some steak deal they were having and just had to go and eat steak.  It looked so good.  So I asked my neighbor if he would go with me, as he is out of my 4 friends the one who is not a vegetarian.   We made kind of a standing date to go, whenever both of us had the time or the money.  

I texted him earlier in the day and asked if he would want to go. He said maybe, and I saw him after lab and he said he would let me know.  I sent him another text around 7pm all but begging him to go with me, as it had been a bad day and all I wanted was cow.  His response?

I already made dinner plans.

Wtf?  I thought WE made dinner plans.  It made me irrationally angry.  So here I sit, hungry and in pain, with a long list of things to get done.  I think I'm just going to order some pizza and watch The Mummy instead of doing any of it.  Blech.  

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