Monday, February 23, 2009

is this your lunch?

I was sick like all last week.  Gross.  I didn't go grocery shopping last week since my eating was kind of sporadic.  Thursday rolled around and I really didn't have any food to eat for lunch.  I had some pop tarts.  I only really like s'mores pop tarts, but I won't eat them unless I have a diet coke too.  

They taste better that way.  

But I didn't have any diet coke in my apartment.  I decided that I would run to the gas station near my house to get a can of coke for lunch.  While walking to my car, I saw an empty doritos bag.  Cooler ranch, my favorite.  I then decided that my perfect lunch would include s'mores pop tarts, cooler ranch doritos and a diet coke.  I then headed to my destination.  

Ok, let me say here that last Thursday was like super windy.  My hair was blowing all over the place.  AND I was recovering from my weird cold thing; so I probably didn't look my BEST, but I didn't think I looked bad.  Ok, back to the story.

I went in to the gas station, got my diet coke and chips, and went to the cashier.  

Hello, how are you, fine thanks, blah blah

He then says to me, "Are you sick?"

Wtf, dude?  Did he not realize that by saying those words to me, he said to me "YOU LOOK AWFUL!"  

I just kind of laughed and said something stupid like "Yeah, I've been sick for about a week now..."

"Oh yeah, everyone is sick now...cough...fever..."


pause...and I think I am done with awkward conversation....

"Is this your lunch?"

DAMMIT!  How did he know??  Was it the sweat pants?  Or the mussed hair?  I felt more defeated than anything-was my purpose so clear to him?  I could sense the judgement in his I quickly had to come up with a response...

"Oh, no, just a quick snack between classes."

"Oh, of course.  I hope you feel better before the weekend."

(I think it is cute that he hoped I felt better before the weekend-anyone wearing sweat pants in the middle of the day that is suspected of having doritos and coke for lunch probably does not have a big weekend planned.  Jerk.)

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natalie + joshua said...

don't worry, I get asked probably once a week if I feel okay...and I hate that question, it is only valid if asked while I'm vomitting.