Wednesday, February 11, 2009

lesson learned

One of my neighbors is very sick.  No, not the one who refused to go to Applebee's with me.  The other Matt that lives next door.  He has been in and out of the hospital since sometime late last semester.  He is now in ICU and is not expected to live much longer.  His condition is the result of an infection after a surgery, which then led to the failure of several body systems.  His options have come down to a decision on if he wants to die in hospice care or with his family.  

It is a very sad situation.  However, I didn't know him very well, so I can really only offer support to my other neighbor Matt who is pretty upset.  Therein lies the lesson to be learned.  I have lived next door to this man since September of 2008 and know almost nothing about him.  All I know is that he cooks well and plays the piano beautifully.  He would often cook things and bring them to Parker and me, and sometimes, I could hear him playing the piano if my apartment was quiet. And he has a little chihuahua named Dylan.  That is really all I know about this young man who now lays dying.  What effort on my part would it have taken to stop and chat more when I would find him sitting outside?  Why didn't I invite him over for dinner?  Why don't I take the time to know the people around me?  

Cliche as this all may sound, this situation has been a real kind of shock for me.  Not necessarily about the dire circumstances of this man's health, but more of my own reclusiveness, if that's even applicable.  I didn't take the time to get to know the person living ten feet away from me, and now the chances of me getting to know him are almost zero.  May I in the future be more friendly and reach out to those close to me.  I can only pray now that his pain will be little and that his family will find comfort.  

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Leah Hollett said...

Thank you for that reminder. I felt very stongly that I should call Aloise McNichols on her birthday Feb 2. I didn't and she died one week later. The phone call would not have saved her life nor would it have changed hers, but maybe she had something to teach me beofer she left. Why am I so dumb?